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Wasp -Still Not Black Enough lp [white]


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2023 re-issue on white vinyl.

Still Not Black Enough is the second and last record employing well-traveled hired gun Bob Kulick while guitarist Chris Holmes was out of the fold. Between him and percussionist Frankie Banali, it’s not surprising that this and the preceding Crimson Idol seem more like Blackie Lawless solo discs, and his vision for the band took W.A.S.P. away from their shock rock foundation to a more thoughtful and nearly conceptual plateau. Unfortunately, the results are mixed. Tender balladry, such as the piano-led “Keep Holding On” and “I Can’t,” the latter with Lawless assuming a weak falsetto, confused and alienated fans. In spite of inspired musicianship and a few fist-pumping moments (“Goodbye America” and “Black Forever”), Still Not Black Enough implodes upon its own ambition, though the band’s subsequent calculated return to blood-and-guts imagery helps one appreciate the effort if nothing else.

Track list:
1. Still Not Black Enough
2. Somebody To Love
3. Black Forever
4. Scared To Death
5. Goodbye America
6. Keep Holding On
7. Rock And Roll To Death
8. Breathe
9. I Can’t
10. No Way Out Of Here

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