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Wasp -Unholy Terror lp [red]


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Red vinyl with printed innersleeve

W.A.S.P. has always seemed to be a bit divided musically. At times, their music comes across as very raw, almost unfinished. However, another side of the band leans to the more melodic and powerful, wall-of-sound approach. This disc showcases both of these sides. Where it seems to work best is on the material that is more in that melodic style. Overall, the album should please fans of the band, but probably won’t bring any new listeners to the fold.

Track Listing
1. Let It Roar
2. Hate To Love Me
3. Loco-Motive Man
4. Unholy Terror
5. Charisma
6. Who Slayed Baby Jane?
7. Euphoria
8. Raven Heart
9. Evermore
10. Wasted White Boys

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