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Wasteland Riders / Hellfire -Split lp


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Split album on black vinyl with insert. Limited 400 copies

Wastëland Riders is a Spanish band, hailing from Madrid, that performs Mad Max speed thrash punk with a touch of ancient Venom black metal and Motorhead. The end result is for fans of the two mentioned bands as for those who adore Midnight and Hellripper. The Colombians in Hellfire, who have been at the start since 2011, have heard a lot of Sodom and above all Destruction and its clear when we hear the seven songs performed on their side. Blackened thrash metal of the raw variety. Fans of dirty and raw thrash metal that has a bite and a few more spikes in their leather belts than their opponents should check this out.

Track list:
1. Wastëland Riders –2410 Hz
2. Wastëland Riders –Fire
3. Wastëland Riders –Seven Nations Army
4. Wastëland Riders –Headbanger Bitch
5. Wastëland Riders –You Will Die
6. Wastëland Riders –Wastëland Riders
7. Wastëland Riders –Black Metal-Venom cover
8. Wastëland Riders –2912 Hz
9. Hellfire –Metal Strike From Hell
10. Hellfire –The End Is Now
11. Hellfire –Hellfire
12. Hellfire –Dead Punk Forces
13. Hellfire –Black Bullets
14. Hellfire –Apocalyptic Metal Punks
15. Hellfire –Evil Massacra (Begins The Satan’s Slaughter)

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