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Weaselface -Punks From Hell cd


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Punks From Hell is a compilation album featuring material recorded at the legendary Sunlight Studio by Thomas Skogsberg between 1995 and 2002. Thsi is a mix of garage rock, Motorhead and punk rock. The opening track Dirt Brain immediately sets the tone of the album, its greasy and dirty and ends with a big Fuck you. The track runs for only 42 seconds so you get this massive Fuck You shouted right in your face before you even get the time to prepare or before you even know what hit you. This is how Punk rock should be, it should be the threat it once was before the Swedish scene were overwhelmed with the happy “trallpunk” vibe. Weaselface doesnt hide their influences and take the best of both the hardrock and punk scene to get the right sound

Track list:
1. Dirt Brain
2. Rocker
3. Give Me A Fix
4. Rocket Fuel Injection
5. Dead When I’m Alive
6. Scum Bag
7. Weaselface
8. Useless
9. Fire In The House
10. All Heroes Must Die
11. Fire
12. Totally Paranoid
13. Cancer
14. Can I Be Like God

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Pink Honey Records / Rosa Honung Records

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