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Weedpecker ‎–II lp [gold]


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Gold vinyl with gatefold cover

The second album from Polish act Weedpecker. This is music that has a classic, fuzzed-out metal heaviness with a slowly building sense of power-melody explosion. Lead guitar notes rise from the massively chugging rhythms like glowing smoke tendrils birth-dancing out of a swollen volcanic mountain top. The songs roll on with a smooth and unstoppable rumble, like a determined giant behemoth of sound crushing everything in its auditory path with the classic roar of stellar psychedelic metal. For all of its over-the-top, blustery blasts of earth-shaking guitar power, there are balancing moments of introspective and dreamy wonder—peaceful jaunts to prepare for the next rip into the universe. Recalls bands like Sungrazer, Colour Haze, The Machine, Glowsun, Jimi Hendrix. Weedpecker completely immerse themselves in a hazy and heavy soundscape of otherworldly guitar rock. It’s your ticket to transcendence.

Track list:
1. Reality Fades
2. Flowering Dimensions
3. Fat Karma
4. Nothingness
5. Into The Woods
6. The Vibe
7. Already Gone

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