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Weh -En Natt Kom Doed cd


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This is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve listened to in a long time. Behind the moniker Weh stands one Erik Evju, a Norwegian who certainly has the sombre darkness of northern shores in his heart and has the talent to express it too. With one exception, namely the song The Unborn, a slightly happy, singer-songwriter inspired and in this collection slightly inappropriate tune, the eight songs of ‘En Natt Kom Doed’ (Death Came One Night if I get the Norwegian title right) carry a lot of drama, yet at the same time a strong sensibility and deep sadness in them, and all of this brilliantly conveyed mainly by Erik’s voice and an acoustic guitar. Synths, mandolin and other instrumentation is also used, and, I might add, cleverly so. This has very little to do with heavy metal, but, dammit, it’s wonderful music for those of us with a penchant for dark, sentimental music with a bit of nerve. Dark classical neofolk music

Track list:
1. Oedegaarden
2. A Testament Of Time
3. Demon Av Natur
4. La Onde Guder Hvile
5. The Unborn
6. En Natt Kom Doed
7. What Is Written
8. Helvete

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