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Welcome To Venice cd


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Welcome to Venice is a compilation album that features local Venice Beach crossover thrash bands. It was originally released in 1985 on Suicidal Records and then reissued and remastered on cd in 2017. Of the bands on the release, two feature Mike Muir on vocals (Suicidal Tendencies and Los Cycos) and the other three all later released albums on Suicidal Records (Beowulf, No Mercy and Excel). The cd version comes with 4 bonus tracks

Track list:
1. Suicidal Tendencies -Look Up… (The Boys Are Back)
2. Beowulf -Taste The Steel
3. Beowulf -Unicorn
4. Los Cycos -It’s Not Easy
5. No Mercy -No Mercy
6. No Mercy -War Machine
7. Excel -Enforcer
8. Excel -Conclusion
9. Excel -Make Up Your Mind
10. Beowulf -Get The Grind
11. Beowulf -My Life Alcohol
12. No Mercy -Big Shot
13. No Mercy -Kill For Uncle Sam

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