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Whipstriker ‎–Seven Inches Of Hell (Part II) cd


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Stalking the wild lands of Rio de Janeiro since 2008, Brazil’s Whipstriker has been steadily pumping out releases, becoming the paradigm of dirty and grimy South American metal. Spearheaded by bassist/vocalist Victor Whipstriker, the band seemingly rotates session members from other well known Brazilian metal acts (Apokalyptic Raids and Farscape, both of which Victor has played in as well). The band’s brand of heavy metal focuses on dirty speed metal and thrashing belligerence, with blackened edges all around, giving more than a few nods to the likes of Tank, Motorhead and Venom. Seven Inches Of Hell Part 2 is the second instalment in the compilation series with Whipstriker that collects material from split releases on vinyl, cd and tape formats. The second volume features material the band have released between 2012 and 2015. This is 78 minutes of pure South American mayhem

Track list:
1. Burn The Virgins Hole
2. Vengeance Day
3. Grind´em Down
4. Intro (Hail To Macabre Warriors)
5. Midnight, Sex And Wine
6. Christ Under Whip
7. Morbid Dogs
8. Sign Of Cruelty
9. It´s Time To Kill Your God
10. Wild City Is Burning
11. The Queen Rips Again
12. Fall Of Killing Spree
13. Acid Landscape
14. Negue A Cruz E Viva Agora
15. Days Of Cruelty
16. Die In Rape
17. Sick Sick War
18. Yes I Am Rotting
19. Pyromaniac
20. Angel Dust
21. Armageddon
22. The Impaler
23. Infernal Tempest

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