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White Zombie ‎–Nightcrawlers The KMFDM Remixes mcd


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The KMFDM remixes features the obvious Thunderkiss 65 (From La Sexorcisto Devil Music Vol. 1) the gutteral thrash/grunge/metal song that really put White Zombie on the mainstay (although touring like hell really did the trick). An interesting track that incorporates certain gnostic overtones in the lyrics. Then comes two different yet similar remixes by the infamous KMFDM. The first remix is pretty is the Swinging Lovers Mix and capitalizes on the “Oh Baby” sample Rob pulled from some campy movie. It’s kinda quick and very industrial break beats and electronica sampling- plus setting the bass as the main beat. It’s good and different- not better, not worse- just a different version. The Next Mix- The Remix that Wouldn’t Die mix lives up to it’s namesake and seems to take forever- although all other mixes of TK65 are just as long- guess it’s the beat (but if you want those mixes chances are you’ll never find them- well maybe one). The next track is Black Sunshine from the same album. It is the exact same type of genre as TK65 but it is still good- then comes the remix with the infamous loud woman- the orgasm sample Rob Zombie took is put out there in full force by KMFDM and it’s funny because then Iggy Pop says, “Maximum Performance.” The remix is mostly lower bass tones but is overall pretty good. This is must if you’re a collector- otherwise singles and remixes are wastes of money. But I guess if you’re just curious go ahead and buy it it’s pretty good as a stand-alone but doesn’t compare to the album.

Track list:
1. Thunder Kiss 65-album verison
2. Thunder Kiss 65-swinging lovers mix
3. Thunder Kiss 65-the remix that wouldnt die
4. Black Sunshine-album version
5. Black Sunshine-indestructible psycho head mix

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