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Wig Wam -Out Of The Dark lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover

Norwegian rock n roll warriors Wig Wam’s 2023 album, Out Of The Dark, came out at the heels of a renewed, enthusiastic interest in the band thanks to their classic track Do Ya Wanna Taste It being used as the theme song for HBO’s popular Peacemaker television series, Out Of The Dark sees an already extremely talented band feeling truly reinvigorated and inspired. Wig Wam, vocalist Glam (Åge Sten Nilsen), guitarist Teeny (Trond Holter), bassist Flash (Bernt Jansen), and drummer Sporty (Øystein Andersen), formed in Halden, Norway in 2001 and have been mixing 80s inspired glam metal with classic hard rock, with entertaining lyrics and over-the-top imagery thrown in, to create a good old fashioned rock n’ roll vibe for over two decades. In 2005, the year after the release of their debut album (first titled 667.. The Neighbour of the Beast and later changed to Hard To Be A Rock N Roller), the band had their first international breakthrough when they represented Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest, placing ninth with the song In My Dreams. The band would go on to release three more studio albums, Wig Wamania (2006), Non Stop Rock ‘N Roll (2010), and Wall Street (2012) before splitting up in 2014. The band would reunite in 2019 and work on a new album, Never Say Die that was released in early 2021. In 2022, the band had a stroke of good fortune when film/television director James Gunn selected their 2010 song Do Ya Wanna Taste It (from the album Non Stop Rock ‘N Roll) as the opening theme song for the HBO Max show Peacemaker starring John Cena. The show, based on a DC Comics character, showcased the band to a whole new audience who had been previously unaware of them. And Out Of The Dark shows that this band is far from over and they are planning to entertain hard rock fans all over the world for years to come.

Track list:
1. Out Of The Dark
2. High N Dry
3. Forevermore
4. Bad Luck Chuck
5. Uppercut Shazam
6. Ghosting You
7. The Purpose
8. The American Dream
9. 79
10. God By Your Side
11. Sailor And The Desert Sun

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