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Windhand / Satans Satyrs -Split lp


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Black vinyl with poster

Two of Virginia’s finest metal bands team up for an amp-worshipping, acid trip from hell. The release features two songs of smoldering gloom and grief from Windhand, paired with three tracks of devilish, fuzz-drenched metal/punk from Satan’s Satyrs. The two infectiously droning doom songs by Windhand, clocking in at just over 20 minutes of fuzzy dissonance, while also including some fast paced, hard hitting metal, with a splash of punk for good measure. The transition from doom/stoner metal, into punk metal isn’t as harsh as one might expect, in fact, it’s refreshing to progress from slow and rhythmic guitar, into fast paced heavy metal. Satans Satyrs are bringing with them their classic punk metal sound, as it has evolved since their inception but stayed true to their roots, from their Die Screaming album, into their Don’t Deliver Us album. Slow crunchy tunes with vocals that is reminiscent of a bygone era, where punk stood for something concrete and intense. The album ends with the strange and interesting Aint That Lovin You Baby, a completely different twist on the album, entirely different to the rest of the songs. It is most definitely a punk song, more so than any of the songs, or even aspects. The vocals hark back to when punk was at it’s peak, lots of slurred words and clean breaks when necessary and a jaunty groove every now and then. It’s a song that is full of energy and character, more of a fun song than one to be taken seriously. It picks up the pace a little at the halfway mark, before a blistering solo erupts from the core, sending shockwaves and squeals into the ether. Truly a magnificent solo, and a brilliant way to round off the album.

Track list:
1. Windhand -Old Evil
2. Windhand -Three Sisters
3. Satans Satyrs -Alucard A.D. 2018
4. Satans Satyrs -Succubus
5. Satans Satyrs -Ain’t That Lovin You, Baby

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