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Winger -Seven dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

It is sufficiently impressive that Winger, 35 years removed from their debut, has managed to keep their original line-up intact while other bands of their era have lost and replaced key members. That the group has made an album as rock-solid as Seven is a testament to their collective power and virtuosity, and to the singular force that is their namesake leader. So despite a nine-year lay-off since 2014’s Better Days Comin, they might as well never have been away, judging by the heavy trucking drive of Heaven’s Falling, It’s Okay and Time Bomb, which might recognise that life ain’t a party any more but suggests a big fat arena chorus can make it feel a whole lot better. The galloping melodrama of Proud Desperado and Tears Of Blood once again nod towards more adventurous pomp-rock anthemics, and the grungier Voodoo Fire and balladry of Broken Glass are effective pace breakers, but ultimately they are minor diversions from a tried and trusted path. So it doesn’t matter whether you have a first-hand recollection of Winger’s MTV-abetted introduction to the popular consciousness 35 years ago or you’ve picked up the records they’ve made since emerging from exile at the turn of the millennium. If you like potent hard rock and virtuosic playing, you owe it to yourself to check out Seven.

Track list:
1. Proud Desperado
2. Heavens Falling
3. Tears Of Blood
4. Resurrect Me
5. Voodoo Fire
6. Broken Glass
7. Its Okay
8. Stick The Knife In And Twist
9. One Light To Burn
10. Do Or Die
11. Time Bomb
12. It All Comes Back Around

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