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Wings Of Steel –Gates Of Twilight cd


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The Los Angeles duo of guitarist Parker Halub and vocalist Leo Unnermark formed the band Wings Of Steel back in 2019. A self titled and self released EP was released in 2002 and it was followed by their first full length album Gates Of Twilight a year later (also self released). Anyone that grew up on 80s metal just need to check this band out. Its one of those albums you really need to hear to believe. Sure you will be familiar with some riffs but who cares. This is the kind of music we grew up on and always will love and keep close to our hearts. I promise you will get hooked just a few second into the first song. Liar In Love reeks of Crimson Glory and Queensryche and Leo’s voice is up there with Geoff Tates in his best years. The album feels like a joyful ride through my record collection. You will hear the mentioned Crimson Glory and Queensryche influences and of course 80s gods from both the European and Us scene. You also have tracks such as Garden Of Eden that is epic doom mixed with old bluesy Whitesnake. I know it sounds weird but it works, and in fact it works damn fine. More blues can be found on Leather And Lace and more epic doom can be found on the title track. Being from Sweden I cant help hearing stuff from Swedish doom bands such as Candlemass, Memory Garden and Sorcerer on this one. All good 80s bands with impressive singers were backed up by an equally talented guitarist and its the same here. Wings Of Steel’s real strength is the impressive voice of Unnermark and Halubs guitar work. Unnermark has the whole register and sometimes he goes sky high and Halub makes some insane guitar solos. The album also has a crystal clear production that sounds mid 80s. I cant recommend this album enough. If youre a fan of classic hardrock and miss those glory days get this album. I promise you will fall in love….i know I did.

Track list:
1. Liar In Love
2. Fall In Line
3. Garden Of Eden
4. Cry Of The Damned
5. She Cries
6. Lady Of The Lost
7. Leather And Lace
8. Slave Of Sorrows
9. Gates Of Twilight
10. Into The Sun

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