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Wings Of Steel –S/t mcd


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The Los Angeles duo of guitarist Parker Halub and vocalist Leo Unnermark formed the band Wings Of Steel back in 2019. A self titled and self released EP was released in 2002 and it was followed by their first full length album Gates Of Twilight a year later (also self released). Anyone that grew up on 80s metal just need to check this band out. Their full length album is one of those albums you really need to hear to believe. But the fact is that the debut EP is almost equally as good. The title track, Wings Of Steel, is a killer european metal track with some blessed guitar work. Something I like with this band is that they can go from bluesy and sometimes doomy tracks to classic 80s hardrock to pure metal. Rhythm Of Desire is a bluesy heavy track with some great vocal performance from Leo Unnermark. Khamsin Riders is a slower track with acoustic guitar that suddenly goes into a Spanish flamenco style solo. Then the EP closes with a theh slower Black Out The Street track which is the longest track on the EP. The EP not only has great tracks, it also has great production and the impressive voice of Unnermark and his partner in crime Halubs who shines on the guitar. I cant recommend this album enough. If youre a fan of classic 80s hardrock and miss those glory days get this album. I promise you will fall in love….i know I did.

Track list:
1. Stormchild
2. Wings Of Steel
3. Rhythm Of Desire
4. Khamsin Riders
5. Black Out The Street

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