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Wishbone Ash -Phoenix vhs


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Official European PAL version. UK release.

Back in 1982 Wishbone Ash were enjoying something of a renaissance,hitting the UK charts with Twin Barrels Burning so when Londons Marquee Club celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1983, Wishbone Ash were invited to perform and the concert and part of that show was captured for this live release. This show took place during the Twin Barrels Burning tour, on the 23rd of February, when the band consisted of the line-up of Andy Powell, Laurie Wisefield, Steve Upton, and Trevor Bolder. Its rare to actually get hold of a recording with Bolder as he only did a brief period with the band. Normally, of course, we would hear Bolder playing bass in Uriah Heep, and before that with David Bowie’s Spiders From Mars. Bolder sadly passed away in 2013 but were looking lively with Uriah Heep all the way to the end. Three of the eight songs featured on this live recording were taken from Twin Barrels Burning. These are Can’t Fight Love, No More Lonely Nights, and Engine Overheat. These are clearly the worst songs in the set. Two songs were chosen to represent the previous album Number The Brave from 1981 (that featured John Wetton): Open Road and Underground. These are not bad songs. The highlights are however the classics The King Will Come and, especially, the epic Phoenix. The recording showcases Laurie Wisefields extraordinary guitar playing as sterile songs from their last studio album are drastically re-arranged for this live recording. So you will enjoy watching and listening to this recording as it offfers a rare glimpse into a forgotten period and line- up of the band. Yet, it does leave something to be desired; it features only eight songs, the majority of which are not among the band’s best. As such it is primarily recommended for fans and collectors.

Track list:
1. Cant Fight Love
2. Living Proof
3. No More Lonely Nights
4. Underground
5. King Will Come
6. Phoenix
7. Engine Overheat
8. Blowin Free

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