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Witcher –A Gyertyak Csonkig Egnek lp


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Original first 2020 press on black vinyl

The Hungarian black metal duo Witcher’s (the name is based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski) third album, A Gyertyak Csonkig Egnek, was released in 2019 and its a chock full of glorious melody, soaring gloom and necrotic atmospheric black metal rawness. A gorgeous album, created with a palette of the palest whites, the bleakest greys and the deathly blacks. Grandiose, miserable and ambitious. If you loved their previous albums then this is a must. Fans of majestic black metal should check out this band as well. Simply put this is mesmerising stuff.

Track list:
1. A Gyertyak Csonkig Egnek
2. Feloldozas
3. Az En Csendemben
4. Az Utolso Utamon
5. A Hattyuk Tava Op. 20. 1. Jelene-Tchaikovsky cover

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Filosofem Records / Hunug Records

Catalogue Number

FR005 / HUNUG V04

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