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Witchfinder General -Friends Of Hell pic disc [original]


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Original 1983 picture disc

In their time, Witchfinder General was considered one of the less-important bands to emerge from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, but they have become a popular early influence among bands in the doom metal scene. Formed in 1980 by Zeeb Parkes (vocals), Phil Cope (guitars), Woolfy Trope (bass), and Graham Ditchfield (drums), the band was heavily influenced by Black Sabbath and released only two albums, 1982’s Death Penalty and the following year’s Friends of Hell, before breaking up.Friends Of Hell is not only a pinnacle in Witchfinder General’s career, but a great pinnacle in heavy metal as a whole, standing high above most others that amount mostly to hills. Very few other bands have had such a great demeanour and the musical capabilities to back it. A great finish to a truly great band.

Track listing:
1. Love On Smack
2. Last Chance
3. Music
4. Friends Of Hell
5. Requiem For Youth
6. Shadowed Images
7. I Lost You
8. Quietus
9. Reprise

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