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Witchgrave ‎–The Devils Night lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 500 copies

Insiders will know that there is a certain connection between the band Antichrist and Witchgrave. However, drummer Sven does not think it’s fair to call Witchgrave a mere side project of Antichrist: “No, Witchgrave shouldn’t really be seen as a side project of Antichrist. Jocke, who started Witchgrave, is not a member of Antichrist and has never been. Back in the beginning he played everything himself and he wrote everything himself. When it comes to musical inspiration I guess there is a lot of bands that have influenced both Antichrist and Witchgrave such as Motorhead, Venom, Bulldozer, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate and so on. Both bands are influenced by heavy metal and early speed metal but the difference is that while Witchgrave is influenced by a lot of punk, Antichrist is not so much and while Antichrist is influenced by a lot of thrash metal, Witchgrave is not so much influenced by thrash metal.” The songs on The Devils Night were recorded in the bands rehearsal place with a simple portable studio but the sound turned out great. Somebody once described to me that Witchgrave sounds like Mercyful Fate with Cronos on vocals. Does Sven think that is a fair description? He answers: “Hehe, I don’t know about that but we will take it as a compliment since both bands are amazing. Personally I think we are much closer to Venom than to Mercyful Fate though, not only when it comes to the vocals but also the music in it self. Maybe if you mix Venom and Mercyful Fate it would sound something like Witchgrave We’ve got the speed and rawness from Venom and some melody from Mercyful Fate but I don’t want to compare us with them since they are way out of our league.”

Track list:
1. The Devils Night
2. Eyes Of The Undead
3. Satanic Slut
4. Beg For Mercy

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