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Witchtrap –Sorceress Bitch lp


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Original 2004 Ordealis Records press on black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 500 numbered copies

In the early 90s the two brothers Witchhammer (Hugo Uribe) and guitarist/vocalist Ripper (Carlos Uribe) decides to leave the death metal act Dark Millennium to start a new act that performs stripped down, old-school thrash with a dash of traditional heavy metal melodicism. It was then that Witchtrap was born. Initially the group was made up of just the two brothers providing guitars, vocals and drums, and they made no recordings until 1997. Two demos followed before they released their first full length album, Sorceress Bitch, in 2002. Ripper is one of the most criminally underrated riff-writers in all of thrash metal. He is incredibly thrifty in his construction of riffs, wasting absolutely no time or space. They are fast with choppy thrash passage and many can be followed by short melodic runs. So a lot of the music here is based around the riffs. Thrash metal fans, especially those who adore the early German scene, should check this out. Its an honest, genuine and infectious album.

Track list:
1. Dark Lord
2. Ripping Torment
3. Dead Of The Night
4. Sorceress Bitch
5. Gypsy Ritual – Face The Evil
6. Black Angel
7. Total Sacrifice (Violent Force)
8. Metal War

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