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Witherfall ‎–A Prelude To Sorrow dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with poster and one side lazer etched

US dark melodic metal masters Witherfall has this to say about their 2018 album, A Prelude To Sorrow is a concept record, though not in the sense that most people have come to know the form. Ours is not a story where each song acts as a chapter. The inspiration lays in the supremely dark reality that was the passing of our drummer and one of our best friends Adam Sagan. These songs are raw emotional reflections, composed in the witching hours under the influence of wine and sorrow, while watching and helping our friend fight and ultimately lose his battle with Lymphoma. Nocturnes And Requiems was dedicated to Adam after the fact. A Prelude To Sorrow is written specifically about his and our personal tragedy. Like Nocturnes And Requiems the songs have been arranged to still have the peaks and valleys that any great record should. With Prelude these peaks just might be a little steeper and the valleys might be a little deeper, alternating between violence and beauty. The titles initials are an acronym for Adam Paul Sagan, He came up with Nocturnes And Requiems so we suppose it is kind of fitting that he also inspired this title. Hope he doesn’t come knocking on our door for royalties. We hope that this will be a fitting requiem for our friend and talented musician. Given its tragic background, main songwriters Joseph Michael (vocals) and Jake Dreyer (guitars) succeeded in perfectly combining the group’s technical proficiency with an appropriate eerie and somber atmosphere, manifesting also in Kristian Wåhlin’s majestic cover painting.

Track list:
1. A Prelude To Sorrow
2. We Are Nothing
3. Moment Of Silence
4. Communion Of The Wicked
5. Maridians Visitation
6. Shadows
7. Ode To Despair
8. The Call
9. Vintage
10. Epilogue

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