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Wolf –Legions Of Bastards lp


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2023 press on black vinyl.

Do you miss the feeling you had when you first heard The Number Of The Beast or British Steel? The moment when you jumped on your bed and shredded your air guitar like a maniac? When you took your pen out of your school bag and drew your favourite band’s logo on your jeans jacket? When you stood in front of the mirror and banged your head until you tumbled down? Well, a bunch of Swedish guys sure did, and not finding anything exciting with modern metal, decided to do something about it. Wolf began playing what some had been calling retro-metal and in doing so, proved everybody wrong about the term. Real Metal is not retro because it has always been there, sometimes deep in the underground, other times overhyped in the press. Wolf, like other bands, have kept the spirit of the early 80s alive, still sounding fresh today, mainly because it fucking kicks ass. Welcome to Legions Of Bastards, Wolfs sixth album. The follow-up to 2009’s Swedish Grammy nominated album Ravenous was produced by Pelle Saether at Studio Underground in Vasteras, Sweden. It gets you right from the start with the furious opener Vicious Companions followed by this year’s official head banging anthem Skull Crusher. It’s Niklas Stalvind’s razor sharp vocals that burns the lyrics in your forehead like Glen Benton’s inverted cross. Johannes Axeman kicks in for a classic solo that then melts your face off. Stalvind and Axeman’s twin-lead double penetration is backed up by the pounding rhythm section of Anders Modd (bass) and Richard Holmgren (drums) who already proved to be the right team on the last album. Is there anything new to expect on ‘Legions Of Bastards’? Yes, new great songs. Anything else? Well, not really, but do you want Motorhead to change their style? Fuck, no! So this is still Wolf as we love it, the band didn’t even change their cover artist. It’s still Thomas Holm, the man who did the legendary Mercyful Fate Melissa and Dont Break The Oath covers. Wolf: Legions of Bastards is the fruit of lots of hard work, sweat and blood. Our music has always come from the heart, but this one seems to us even more honest and straight forward than any other album we’ve made. We’re not afraid to say that this is a great album. If you love it, like we do, raise the horns and bang your head! If you don’t – we don’t care. We’d still be banging our heads!’ Now grab a beer, turn the volume to 11 and join the Legions Of Bastards on their road to hell.

Track list:
1. Vicious Companions
2. Skull Crusher
3. Full Moon Possession
4. Jekyll And Hyde
5. Absinthe
6. False Preacher
7. Tales From The Crypt
8. Nocturnal Rites
9. Road To Hell
10. Hope To Die
11. K-141 Kursk

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