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Wolves Of AhPuch –La Ascension Del Puku cd


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2021 cd release that also features the La Ura De Mi Raza EP as bonus

From the Chiapas region of Mexico comes the black metal act, Wolves of AhPuch. Formed in 2017 and after a single release its finally time for their debut album, La Ascension Del Pukuj, released in February of 2021. This is cold black, lots of atmosphere and a singer that scream from beginning to the end, tremolo solos and lots of blast beats. This might sound like any black metal act out there but whats make this act interesting is that they are honoring their Mexican ancestors with their music and do write a lot about the Mayan culture. Here you have a mythological Mayan god that owns a wolf or something like that. Im not that aware of the Mayan folklore and mythology but you learn all the time. And why not learn by listening through black metal.

Track list:
1. Ka’a
2. Jo’o
3. Jun
4. Wak
5. Óox
6. Kan
7. Jun-La Ira De Mi Raza EP 2019
8. Ka’a-La Ira De Mi Raza EP 2019
9. Óox-La Ira De Mi Raza EP 2019
10. Kan-La Ira De Mi Raza EP 2019

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