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Wombbath ‎–Choirs Of The Fallen lp [green]


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Green vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 100 copies

Formed back in 1990, Wombbath released one full-length entry in 1993, right before Entombed blue the Swedish death metal scene to bits. Not long after the release of Internal Caustic Torments, Wombbath went on indefinite hiatus for two decades, only to be resurrected by one Jonny Pettersson. For those not in the know, Pettersson is to Swedeath what Rogga Johansson is to… well, Swedeath. Playing a role in over a dozen active bands to include Heads For The Dead, Gods Forsaken, and Just Before Dawn, Pettersson is a necromancer advancing upon the outskirts of civilization with a horde of stinking, rotting death metal bands, ready to add yours to his ever-growing army. Choirs Of The Fallen kicks in immediately with Fallen, and this is a stellar opener. Running the gamut of death metal, crust punk, and small flourishes of black metal, this track bleeds aggression, and, at the same time, sinister atmosphere. It’s a truly eerie sounding track. The album continues in the same way and Wombbath seems to have struck that fine balance between atmosphere and brutality on Choirs Of The Fallen. If you fell in love with them because of Internal Caustic Torments, then you will surely love this album. I’d go as far as to say that this is almost like a follow-up to Internal Caustic Torments in a way. If you are a fan of the Swedish style of death metal, or death metal in general, this is for you. Highly recommended!

Track list:
1. Fallen
2. Crawling From The Pits
3. We Shall Remain
4. A Sweet Taste Of Death
5. From The Beggards Hand
6. Void
7. A Vulgar Deceleration
8. Wings Of Horror
9. Choirs Of The Damned
10. In A Cloak Of Anger

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