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Wombbath ‎–The Great Desolation lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 300 copies

Wombbath’s third album, The Great Desolation, released in 2018, is an heavy and uncompromising death metal without any modern influences. From the opening moments of the first track, “Embrace Death,” it is very obvious this album is both intense yet complicated in the best ways. Old school death metal that has lots of twists and turns but without being cluttered or messy. The guitars build upon layers and layers but it doesn’t turn into pretentious rubbish. This is a monumental piece of work that can be appreciated by any fan of Death Metal or extreme metal in general. The Great Desolation is a title contender to the best death metal album this year. You just need to own this one

Track list:
1. Embrace Death
2. The Great Desolation
3. Footsteps Of Armageddon
4. Born Of Filth
5. Punisher Of Broken Oaths
6. The Weakest Flesh
7. Cold Steel Salvation
8. Hail The Obscene
9. Harvester Of Sin

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