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Wombbath –Tales Of Madness lp [splatter]


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Splatter vinyl (variant 3) with gatefold cover featuring an embossed metallic print. Limited 80 copies

Death metal legends Wombbath celebrated their 30th anniversary with the album Tales Of Maden. This is a band that has become a force to be reckoned with especially in recent years, after carving a reputation for themselves in the underground especially with their Internal Caustic Torments full length in the early ’90s. Since then they’ve released three more full lengths, each one better received than the last. This here is a release that includes completely re-recorded songs from their early years as well as brand new material representing the band’s current sound. The songs have been mastered in a way that there’s no difference in sound quality all through and plays almost as a whole new album. It’s fascinating to mark the progress of the band over the course of three decades and this release is a testament to the timeless quality of their brand of hard-hitting and memorable Swedish death metal.

Track list:
1. Tales From The Dark Side
2. Brutal Mights
3. Unholy Madness
4. The Grave
5. Lavatory Suicide Remains
6. Save Your Last Breath To Scream
7. Tales Of Madness
8. The Fleshly Existence Of Man

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Transcending Obscurity Records

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TOR 90

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