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Wraith –Absolute Power cd


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This band from Indiana, Usa released their debut, Heed The Warning, 2018 and returned quickly a year later with the Absolute Power album. Believe it or not but this second album is faster, heavier, meaner and a lot more pissed off than their previous releases. Absolute Powerhas a perfect blend of speed metal and thrash metal with a punk attitude. The album is nine originals and a Misfits cover that results in 28 minutes of no bullshit speed and thrash.

Track list:
1. Devils Hour
2. Acid Mass
3. Meaningless Planet
4. The Curse
5. War Of Aggression
6. At The Stake
7. The Hunt
8. Eyes Of The Sacred Ram
9. Absolute Power
10. Death Comes Ripping-Misfits cover
11. Outbreak-Outbreak EP
12. Isolation-Outbreak EP

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Redefining Darkness

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