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Wrathblade ‎–God Of The Deep Unleashed cd


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From Athens, capital of Hellas, comes Wrathblade, a metal band formed in the latter half of 2003. This is a band that performs epic metal and their second album, God Of The Deep Unleashed (2017), follows the footstep of their debut with a sound that heavily draws influences from the epic song structures of Manilla Road and from the fast paced, bouncing riffs of bands like Brocas Helm and Slough Feg, but Wrathblade’s sound is entirely their own. They take the template established by the legendary American bands and infuse it with their brand of Greek muscle to create a compelling and unique style. Listen to the opening track, Sheer Vengeance Will Out Upon Thee, with its almost Celtic sounding intro that leads you to the track with galloping riffs at a race pace speed. This album is a musical journey of monumental proportions that lives up to the titanic backdrop of its mythological themes. Aggressive bangers, mournful epics, and triumphant anthems – it really ticks all the boxes.

Track list:
1. Sheer Vengeance Will Out Upon Thee (God Of War Pt. II)
2. Enter The Warrior’s Guild (Doomopolis Pt.II)
3. Castration Of Uranus
4. No Dole For The Blest
5. Vaunted Pride
6. Valiancy, Virtue, Victory
7. Cthonian Echoes Devour Then Wane
8. Transcendent Essence
9. Submersion

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