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Wretch –Man Or Machine cd


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It’s already the third album in just four and a half years. Of course: every fan, who already appreciated the previous work from Cleveland’s cult act Wretch gets full service here on Man Or Machine. Melodic, straight Power/Thrash Metal in the classical US-American style shine with powerful vocals. Almost perfect teamwork of both guitarists and a passion for the legendary sound of the Auburn spectrum make Man Or Machine a hot contender to cheer fans of Breaker or even old Metal Church. With the great Judas Priest cover Steeler, the five guys around founder Nick and front man Juan remember their musical heritage with audible passion.

Track list:
1. Man Or Machine
2. Destroyer Of Worlds
3. Schwarzenberg
4. Steeler
5. Strike Force One
6. Requiem Aeternam
7. The Inquisitor Trilogy Part I: Castle Black
8. The Inquisitor Trilogy Part II: The Inquisitor
9. The Inquisitor Trilogy Part III: Fire, Water, Salt And Earth

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