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Wretched Fate –Fleshletting lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 250 copies

Swedish death metal unit Wretched Fate were inspired by a sense of nostalgia for the past. Missing the glory days of Swedish death metal and the duo of Mats Andersson (Guitar) and Adrian Selmani (Vocals) just had to start a band to get their passion out. Soon after recording the first tracks of what would become Wretched Fate’s debut album Fleshletting, Robin Magnusson (Bass) of Incised caught interest in the project. With Mats and Adrian’s desire to turn Wretched Fate into a full-time band, Robin as well as Incised drummer Samuel Karlstrand were added to the line-up. Feeling that much of modern metal is formulaic, bland, and down right boring, Wretched Fate wanted to revive the greatness and restless energy found in Death Metal of the past and combine it with something bold and new – we believe the band have achieved this in spades on their debut album, Fleshletting. The band are pushing the boundaries of modern Death Metal to the brink with musical ability, pure ferocity, and a genuine honoring of all that has come before them. This debut is going to leave listener’s absolutely flabbergasted. For fans of Bloodbath, Entrails, Aeon, and Cannibal Corpse – prepare to be stunned

Track list:
1. Wretched Fate
2. Only Death To Abide
3. Altars Of Misery
4. Fear Expulsion
5. Taker Of Souls
6. Writhe
7. Hived Mind
8. Fleshletting
9. Ominous Shadow
10. Heading For Beheading
11. Epitaph
12. Split Tounge Illumination

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