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Wuthering Heights -To Travel For Evermore cd


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2003 press with one bonus track

Wuthering Heights second album, To Travel For Evermore, is the middle album of a concept trilogy of albums, the initial album being Within (1999) and the finale being Far From the Maddening Crowd (2003). It is ostensibly a story about a time traveler traveling to various times of humanity but to be honest it is the music that are the most impressive thing on this disc. This is progressive metal that sometimes has an epic, even grandiose feel to it, in fact portions of the songs are played in a power metal flow. Lead singer Kristian Andren (ex Tad Morose) shows that his name is in the same league as the other big names in the genre. Their highly melodic music manages to follow each melody with a complementing melody, each note with a complimenting note. If you like your progressive metal mixed up with several styles of music, with certain, symphonic / majestic style, injected with folk elements along the way, you won’t be disappointed with Wuthering Heights. While people are complaining about uninteresting bands that release similar music with each disc, and are looking for something different, Wuthering Heights is a good place to find some unique, powerful, progressive metal.

Track list:
1. Behind Tearstained Ice
2. The Nevershining Stones
3. Dancer In The Light
4. Lost Realms
5. Battle Of The Seasons
6. When The Jester Cries
7. A Sinners Confession
a) I: Dawn
b) II: The Child In The Sun
c) III: The Man In The Moon
d) IV: Dusk
8. See Tomorrow Shine
9. Through Within To Beyond
10. River Oblivion

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