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Xalpen ‎–The Curse Of Kwanyep lp [orange]


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Orange vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 500 copies

This is our path through time and devotion, among living and dead, beyond the barriers of physical distance and far away from musical or spiritual stagnation.

Chilean Xalpen is back with their second album The Curse Of Kwanyep, offering a raw Black Metal sound that channels a ritualistic charge within the Black Arts and the spiritual journey through ancient occult traditions. Euphoria, trance and demonic commitment have taken shape between the different hemispheres of the planet. Juan Pablo Nunez and Alvaro Lillo, once again manifest and complete their quest. An album that is a must for those who place high demands on their Black Metal.

Track list:
1. K Yewe-intro
2. Chenke-Place Of Death
3. Kolpewsh-Serpents Dance
4. The Curse Of Kwanyep-Kwanyep Chene
5. The Beast From The East-Wentek Kwakar
6. Kash Wayewen Qer-The Deep Speaking Of The Spirits
7. Mah-Ka Xalpen-Offering Chant
8. Daughters Of The Nightside-Kqawk N Kam
9. Moon-Woman-Kre-Naa
10. Hain Koijn Harsho-instrumental

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