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Xander Harris ‎–Termination Dust lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 300 copies

With Termination Dust, Xander Harris manages to capture the feeling of a deserted alpine landscape at that moment when there is longer any doubt that fall has gotten the best of the summer. When all the mountain summer tourists are gone and there is only you, your synthesizers and what ever substances you brought with you for miles and miles. Termination Dust sounds like the early works of The Orb, with more analog synths, less samplers, more Alaskan mountains and less Arizona deserts.

Track list:
1. Jaws Of Saturn
2. Carrion Gods In Their Heaven
3. Oblivion Mode
4. Frontier Death Song
5. We Smoke The Northern Lights
6. Worms Crawl In
7. Swift To Chase

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