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XT -Revived cd


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Bjorn Stigsson is a Swedish guitarist, songwriter and producer who in the 80s worked with the hard rock group Leviticus. In the USA, he worked for a short time with Dino and John Elefante. His first solo album was released in 1987 and it was called Together With Friends. One of the singers that lent his voice to this recording was Motherlode vocalist Sonny Larsson. This was a lasting friendship and in 1991 the duo temaed up again to create the band XT. XT released three albums in the first half of the 90s (Self titled album 1992, Tax Free 1993 and Extended Empire 1995) before calling it a day and working on other things. In 2017, the band reformed as a quintet with the three Jerusalem musicians Peter Carlsohn (b), Dan Tibell (k) and Mick Nordström (d) and returned with the comeback album Saved By The Blood. Then came Revived which isnt a new album but new recordings of songs from their first 3 albums. And end result is quite stunning as all of them are better than the original versions. Production is heftier due to modern recording technology, and the band just seems, well…revived. As a result, Revived actually sounds like an album and not like a compilation. The basic focus is melodic metal with 1970s hard rock bonds. Larsson’s signature voice is still cutting high, Stigsson is sovereign, Carlsohn and Weinesjö provide a rock-solid rhythm foundation. Tibell usually underlines the songs by his typical Hammond sounds, only occasionally he switches to synths – especially when it comes to effective intros. That’s where all this fits.

Track list:
1. The Rock In My Life
2. Standing For JC
3. The Silent Cry
4. Got Love
5. The Battle
6. Call Your Name
7. I Want Love
8. On The Run
9. Looking For Love
10. Face To Face
11. Can’t Live Without You
12. One Way To Heaven

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