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Xteria -Outshine cd


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Outshine is the debut album from Italian progressive metal band Xteria. The band appeared at the height of a major wave of new progressive metal bands, and like most of those bands Xteria based their sound to a large degree on the work of Dream Theater and Fates Warning. Outshine is a decent enough album. The band had some solid technical chops, and they use them – particularly the guitars and keyboards – to good effect here. The problem is that they don’t sound remotely original and the album never really grabs you and tends to fade into the background almost immediately. The singer reminds me sometimes of Shakras or Crystal Tears singer but it’s unfortunately not enough to make Xteria stand out in what had become a very crowded pack.

Track list:
1. On The Edge
2. Soldiers Of Fortune
3. Digital Conscience
4. Fire
5. Eyes Of The World
6. All I Need
7. Points Of View

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