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Xthirt13n –A Taste Of The Light cd


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A Taste Of The Light is the one and only album from the Flordia band Xthirt13n. The band is made up by some rock veterans that possess an eclectic collection of influences and experience and meld their sound into something that really stands out. Consisting of Control Denied vocalist Tim Aymar and the two Circle II Circle members Rollie Feldmann and John Osborn. Completing the line-up is Joey Torres and Taz Gardner.Xthirt13n delivers a power metal sound that reminds me a lot of old Savatage, as well as classic Judas Priest. Tim Aymar is amazing and delivers a Rob Halford-esque, upper register tongue lashing, while at times, sounding like a combination of Jon Oliva (Savatage) and David Draimen (Disturbed). Tim will always be best known for being the frontman of Chuck Schuldiner’s band Control Denied before the passing of Chuck in 2001. To bad that the metal world lost Mr Aymar in 2023. He had the pipes that could have made Xthirt13n a household name if they could have continued. If you arent convinced that you need this one yet then I can tell you that the album also features a guest appearance by Jon Oliva of the mighty Savatage. So now, what the hell are you waiting for?

Track list:
1. No Turning Back
2. A Taste Of The Light
3. Repeatlessness
4. Unreality
5. Born In Chains
6. Never To Return
7. Sympathy For The Devil-Rolling Stones cover
8. Don´t Cry For Me
9. Evicted
10. Liars Lullaby
11. All This Time
12. The Sigularity
13. Wasted In Wonderland

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