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Yoav –Multiverse dlp [violet]


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Double album on violet vinyls with gatefold cover

It’s been a long wait. In fact, 4 years since the release of the Dopamine EP and 5 years since Yoav’s last full length album Blood Vine. This incredibly talented South African singer/songwriter marks his 10th anniversary as a recording artist with his fourth album Multiverse and reveals a new musical adventure from a unique alternative pop artist. After a long break away from the airwaves and touring, he is now back with renewed energy and a new twist to his sound. Multiverse was produced on the Island of Ibiza by Danish producer Lasse Illinton Mosegard. Illinton, a talented composer and electronica producer has created dynamic multidimensional sounds for the album, also incorporating his experience as a film score producer which has added a cinematic element. The overall atmosphere is a blend of trip-hop, electronica, the ethereal and the eccentric, much like the island community Yoav found himself immersed in. Ibiza can now be added to Yoav’s expanding creative map.

Track list:
1. Blood Moon
2. Want More Do You Want More
3. Lost Heads
4. Touch
5. Everything She Said
6. One Nature
7. Initiate Sequence
8. Mesmerize
9. Future History
10. Reunion

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