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Y&T (Yesterday And Today) -Musically Incorrect dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with lyric insert. Limited 500 numbered copies

Musically Incorrect is the tenth studio album by Y&T and the first release since reuniting in 1995, and contains the same line up as when they disbanded in 1991.Even though the band were reunited the album still seems to have slipped under a radar outside the Y&T fanbase. The reason is simple. The album was written and recorded it height of the grunge wave and the music of many artists from the 60s through the 80s were not being paid attention to by the music industry as they suddenly were seen as dead dinosaurs. This made for a frustrating time for hundreds of popular artists, hence the name of this record. These songs reflect that feeling and also the wide open creativity given to the band with no outside label pressures. Most of these songs came from Dave, Phil, and Jimmy spending full days and months just jamming in the studio. So the whole recording has a kind of a live in studio feel to it. Sure its not the best Y&T album ever created but it does display Y&T’s musical style and is unmistakable their own.

Track list:
1. Long Way Down
2. Quicksand
3. Cold Day in Hell
4. I’ve Got My Own
5. Nowhere Land
6. Pretty Prison
7. No Regrets
8. 21st Century
9. Don’t Know What To Do
10. I’m Lost
11. Confusion
12. Fly Away

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