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Zabutom ‎–Lost Tapes 1 MC


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French pressed music cassette. Blue cassette with paper label. Limited 50 copies

Zabutom (Niklas Sjösvärd) makes electronic music often employing the use of old video game consoles and 1980s home computers. The musical style can be described as playful and innovative while remaining harmonic and aiming for euphoric musical highs. His Lost Tapes 1 compilation features some of his earliest work, recorded back between 2000 and 2005 from various demo releases, cracktros and chipdisks. Made with a wide variety of platforms spanning oldschool MS-DOS trackers, C64 and NES, it showcases an equally diverse spectrum of emotional and technical visions. Overall this is a great collection of electronic beeps and boops with a driving beat

Track list:
1. Teenage Riot 3
2. Robot Adventure Cloud Stage
3. Misunderstandings
4. Freeze
5. Kugghjul
6. Return Of The Ninja
7. Snow Mecha Takeoff
8. Breaking Through
9. Retardation
10. Zeta Force
11. Dubmood Is A Robot
12. My Alien Shoes
13. Cruel King Of Vendelos
14. Blank Mind
15. Lost Behind A Chimney

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