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Zalmoxis –A Nocturnal Emanation MC


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Portugese pressed music cassette. Yellow cassette with black text.

Zalmoxis stands for storming and epic German black metal. Still early days, this concurrent project of Fortress Of The Olden Days mainman Entheogen has so far released two demos. These early works suggested a restless soul steeped in the ancients, black metal of a most medieval vintage. Then after these demos the band returned with this ambitious 25-minute single track ominously bearing the title A Nocturnal Emanation. A none-more-apt description of its contents if there ever was one, here Entheogen patiently builds an ethereal-yet-thick fog of sorcerous swirl, its strangely alluring spell drowning the listener in dissonance and dislocated melody. And yet, despite its grandiose length, A Nocturnal Emanation manages to engage at every step, each one rife with grim abandon and on the verge of self-combustion but then righting itself into a surprising twist of texture. This misty n mystical landscape beckons complete immersion…dare you enter?

Track list:
1. A Nocturnal Emanation

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