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Zealot Cult –Spiritual Sickness lp


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Black vinyl with OBI-strip and insert

In early 2016, Ireland’s Zealot Cult self-released their debut EP, Karmenian Crypt. Quickly, Karmenian Crypt reaped critical acclaim, and for good reason: here was a band mature beyond their years, seemingly effortlessly crafting pure and total death metal that was simultaneously timeless and modern. Alas, those three songs were just a teaser for more mastery to come, and then it released in November of 2018 in the full-length Spiritual Sickness. Instantly upon pressing play on Spiritual Sickness, this is the same whirlwinding Zealot Cult of before, only taken to bolder and more bellicose ends. Here exist those same strong, expertly integrated influences from classic Floridian death metal and especially the early Roadrunner/RC catalog which fostered same. And yet, Zealot Cult further manage to make epic, multi-dimensional majesty from that firm foundation, their compositions constantly rising and falling and taking dark n doomed directions, all while remaining immediately memorable. So, while various strains of Pestilence, Death, Morbid Angel, and especially Obituary can be heard loud n clear across Spiritual Sickness, its eight songs build upon said foundation and contribute to this rich legacy, underlining the unyielding ties to tradition whilst making majesty in modern times. Completed by clear-yet-crushing production and a fully satisfying 42 minutes, Spiritual Sickness is indeed aptly titled. The time is now to join the Zealot Cult.

Track list:
1. Spiritual Sickness
2. Sea Of Suffering
3. Repent In Flames
4. Left To Rot
5. Blades Of Jihad
6. Servi Ad Deum
7. Thy Will Be Done
8. In The Shadow Of The Beast

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