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Zidiz / Lapida / Grimorium Verum / Alcoholic Rites ‎–Selartsecna Sotim And Saimefsalb lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 333 numbered copies

A rare split album featuring four bands from Ecuador Out first is Zidiz a blasphemic speed metal band and they are followed by Lapida a blackened thrash metal act. Side B starts with blackened thrash in the form of Grimorium Verum and ends with the trash act Alcoholic Rites.

Track list:
1. Zidiz -Satan Este Con Vosotros
2. Zidiz -Vomito Satánico
3. Zidiz -Satan Speed Metal
4. Lapida -Anti G.L.B.T.
5. Lapida -Atake Metal
6. Lapida -SS Metal
7. Grimorium Verum -Track One
8. Grimorium Verum -Track Two
9. Alcoholic Rites -Nuclear Rites
10. Alcoholic Rites -Death Blade

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Uku-Pacha Records

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RC 003